Monday, June 29, 2009

Days Like Today

Make me want to quit my job.

I'm bored out of my skull waiting for other people to get me necessary data that I need to do my job. So in the meantime, trying to stay busy and productive, I'm trying to prepare spreadsheets and things for processes that are coming up soon.

Except I can't because my computer is being stupid. I can't copy and paste.

Copy. and. Paste.

SOOOO freaking simple and yet I can't do it. I've had to shut down my machine twice - first time it helped for several hours but the second time I was only able to copy/paste for a few minutes.

It's amazing how much I copy and paste without thinking about it...yet when I can't do it I'm completely stuck from doing my job.

I called the Help desk (which I tend to call the unHelp desk) and so far nothing. I asked for it to be labeled as a high priority and NOTHING...oh wait look. A ticket has been opened...finally. 15 minutes AFTER I called.

So now I twiddle my thumbs.

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