Thursday, April 16, 2009

Survey Time - Relations with Cuba

I'm kind of torn on this topic. I do not think we should normalize relations or make it legal to travel to Cuba...the only thing the tourists see is what the government wants them to see. The workers never see the money spent there. There is no freedom to speak or even live freely.

On the other hand, would having westerners travel more to Cuba give them more diversity in opinion and perhaps more liberal ideas to seep in? I don't know. Has it worked in China? A bit. But not a ton.

I am sure if I went I'd get arrested for making sarcastic comment. Not that I'd ever go...the idea of supporting such a regime with my dollars makes me ill.

What do you think?

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pamibe said...

I'm not in favor of normalizing relations. Like you said, it simply funnels more money into a dictator's hands and nothing changes for the people.

From one commie to another, obama has no reason NOT to do this. :(