Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More of that Lefty Tolerance

Watching Fox News as I got ready for work this morning and Megan Kelly (love her!) was interviewing Miss California (watch the video here)...I wrote about the shit storm she started with her honest answer to a stupid question.

How DARE she believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman!?! She is obviously an illiterate, bible thumping, bigot.

At least that is what the judges are implying, as are the people in charge of the California pageant. Many folks are saying that her answer cost her the crown.

Hilton has made it very clear by his comments that Miss California did not get a good score from him, and that she "lost because of that question."

He's the one that sounds like a bigot to me. Since he didn't agree with her answer he scored her zero. What an ass. They're supposed to judge the contestants on poise and how they hold themselves in public ... not necessarily how they answer the question. Just because he disagreed doesn't mean he should have given her a zero.

If she was super upset she could apparently sue...though I wouldn't bother.

"It's her religious beliefs which prompted her to say 'I don't believe in same-sex marriages.' So she was espousing her beliefs," and could sue for a violation of Title VII, which forbids discrimination on the basis of religion.
I agree with other analysts who say she really doesn't have a's a sucky situation but not really lawsuit material.

I was in a pageant when I was 20 (or 21...I can't remember...the years are starting to blur). Each girl had to pick a topic to research, write about, and defend in front of the judges. I picked animal research because I was a loony liberal and didn't believe animal research should be used for anything - from makeup testing to cancer research. And I defended my research and paper ... but it was a little too controversial for the judges and was apparently the major reason why I lost (I was first runner up and Miss Congeniality if you can believe that).

But that was my opinion and I defended it...I didn't back down just because it wasn't the popular view. (Of course, I was an idiot and completely wrong about that particular issue but that's not the point.)

That is what Miss California is doing. She is defending herself and her beliefs...and the beliefs of millions of Americans...not to mention the majority of Californians who just passed their marriage bill last year.

I could care less what two men or two women do in their homes. Nor do I particularly object to their relationship in general. My husband's ex-sergeant is a lesbian and I adore her and her partner....I truly do. They are wonderful, generous, amazing women. But I don't think they should have the right to get "married" in the traditional sense of the word. If they want to have a ceremony and get their lawyer to write up a contract for all the legal stuff that's great. But you will never convince me that their relationship is the same as the one I have with my husband.

I guess that makes me a bigot too. Oh well. I've been called worse and I'm sure it won't be the last time.

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Sandee said...

The left just want us to shut up honey. That's it in a nutshell. If you don't agree with them then you are either a bigot or are uneducated.

Have a terrific day. :)