Monday, April 6, 2009

Did I Mention I Don't Like Change?

And no, this has nothing to do with OBambi.

Entrecard went and fiddled with the way they take ads. So now, instead of regular folks and bloggers who earn credits and spend them advertising on other blogs, people can PAY cash money to advertise. Which is fine I guess. I don't plan on paying hard cold cash for ads ... at least not with this blog. I *might* do it someday with my jewelry blog, but only if it's super cheap.

So now there are dozens of freaking ads to look through and approve or reject. It takes a lot longer for me to review the sites ... I refuse to allow spammy types to infiltrate my only "ad" on any of my blogs. I don't like dealing with ads so EC was great because it didn't feel like an ad program.

I don't know how I'm going to get through all these ad requests. Thankfully they got rid of the rule they were initially going to implement...if you rejected a paid ad, you got dinged. NOT okay. So at least there's no downside to rejecting an ad. And I have been. I'm protective of my blogs...they're like my journals. I don't want just anyone peeking in.

So rest assured that I will do my very best to weed out the icky spammy type blogs and sites from my EC widget. If you do see one that sucks or is super spammy please let me know.


pamibe said...

I guess I need to use IE to see them? All I see are dozens and dozens of little rectangles but nothing to give me a hint of what the ad might be.

I rejected them all, anyway; not why I joined entrecard.

CastoCreations said...

That's weird Pam...I use firefox and see all the ads. Do you have an ad blocker on?

I am rejecting ones that are irrelevant or inappropriate. But I have found some great new blogs so I'm still reviewing them. :)

Graffiti said...

As far as Casto's problems go that's probably down to the Adblock extension which essentially blocks paid ads. I can't stand the new changes, I reject all paid ads on both my blogs and am eagerly awaiting the new alternative Entrecard system being built by Gregory Mathews!