Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Don't Watch TV to be Sad

I just finished watching last week's episode of House. Talk about depressing. I watch House to laugh...he cracks me up. There were a few funny moments but all in all it was dang depressing. One of the main characters suddenly and surprisingly committed suicide. I read somewhere on the web that he went to work for the Obama administration in real life...poor sucker. He was a great actor and member of the show.

I hate watching shows with suicides. I don't need reminders of the pain needed to take that last action. It's very easy for my emotions to drop down into depression.

Thankfully the new medications that the doctor switched me to since I've been pregnant seem to be keeping me much more even. Plus the new meds are supposed to be safer for the little peanut. :)

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pamibe said...

House is my favorite show, but I wasn't too fond of that episode. At ALL.