Monday, August 3, 2009

Cute is Not the Word

People keep telling me how cute I look.

I used to do that when I saw pregnant ladies...if I thought they were cute. But now I would never say that! It's really kind of annoying.

I don't feel cute. I feel fat. And miserable. I'm in pain. I'm exhausted. I just want this kid out of me.

Then again, how often is the fat chick called cute? Only when there's a baby in the belly. =)


pamibe said...

Pregnant is NOT fat. I believe that you feel fat and miserable, but by and large people don't see that when we see a pregnant woman. I, for one, see new life. Reminds me of how connected all mothers are around the earth. It's such a precious, wonderful thing...


CastoCreations said...'s not even feeling fat...I just feel big & tired. lol