Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If This is What Government Care is Like, Count Me Out

I have seen the future...and it sucks.

I love Group Health, normally. But lately I've been having issues.

Not with my regular doctor or her office. They rock and are the epitome of awesomeness, helpfulness, and accommodation.

The issues start with Women's Health. It's like they aren't even on the same planet as the family practice office. Same clinic. Two completely different processes and results.

Once I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I had to be referred to Women's Health to one of the OB doctors. I guess that is the rule. How long ago was this??? I think it was some time in June. I have YET to actually meet with my "assigned" doctor. My first scheduled appointment with him was for 11 a.m. on a day a few weeks ago where they had "fit" me in ... it got canceled and rescheduled for 4:30 p.m. that same day. I saw him once...because he came in my room by accident. He was looking for a different patient.

I ended up seeing a different doctor for about 5 minutes. I haven't seen another OB doctor since, but thankfully have still been seeing my family practice doctor and the OB nurse, who really does rock on her own.

Unfortunately, I'm still supposed to see one of the women's health my next couple of Dr appointments are with one of them. Getting them both scheduled required acts of God.

Since I have gestational diabetes I'm supposed to have these things called "non Stress tests" starting at 34 weeks ... twice a freaking week! My boss will be thrilled of course. Each one takes an hour. Women with gestational diabetes have an increased chance of losing the baby spontaneously at this point in the the tests are kind of important.

Since there is a clinic near my work I decided to ask if I could make some of them there instead of the clinic near my home (at least an hour away from work). Thankfully it's not an issue and the work clinic was super easy to work with to schedule these tests.

Then I try to schedule the tests for my home clinic. Dear God you'd think I was asking for a gold plated monitor with champagne and caviar served to me by half naked (male) Greek gods. They have ONE test a day. ONE. And only if there is a doctor available because apparently R.N.s are morons and couldn't do it instead.

The poor person I was talking to on the phone to get these scheduled felt my rath...which was a mixture of absolute tearful frustration and sputtering rage.

After everything else that I've been going through in this pregnancy, this clinic makes things so much more difficult and complicated. You're not supposed to stress out the lady with the difficult pregnancy (or any pregnant lady for that matter)!

Working with them makes me feel like I'm working with the government. Limited appointments. And there are too many patients to fit into those limited appointments. Overscheduled doctors and doctors unavailable in August (they're all apparently on vacation except the on call doctor). I may or may not actually see the doctor, even though I'm supposed to, because he/she (don't even know who I'll actually see!!!) is on call and could be called away.

There is a reason why I do not want one of the OB doctors to delivery my child...for one thing no one can tell me WHO would delivery me. I would just get the luck of the draw. And all my experiences so far with them make me think I'd be lucky to even get a doctor before the kid pops out!

I want my family practice doctor!!!!!!!

And heaven forbid the government takes over healthcare. I'll be in a constant state of sputtering tearful rage.

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Da Old Man said...

I feel your pain and frustration. It's crazy.