Friday, August 7, 2009

How Did We Survive?

I myself never had a lemonade stand as a young girl. Nor did my brother. Perhaps we just weren't very entrepreneurial back then.

But I can guarantee you that if we had wanted to open one we sure as hell wouldn't have gone down to city hall to apply for a permit. And if my boy wants to open a drink stand to try to earn some extra cash I am not going to make him get a permit either. I'm all for kids working to earn their own money.

Government, of course, can't abide by the idea of someone selling something without getting their "fair" share. So an 8 year old girl gets her business shut down by city regulators.

I do not blame the "enforcer" himself...I blame the system that thinks it is somehow acceptable to force every single person who sells a drop of flavored water to register themselves with the city. As if this little girl's business is not legitimate until she's "approved" by the powers that be.

I suppose it's never too early to learn about bureaucracy and the overreach of government. And that if you make a big stink you might get something for free (a radio station gave her tickets to Disneyland, which is what she was selling the lemonade for). Don't bother working...just make enough noise. Squeaky wheel and all that.


pamibe said...

Oh, geez.

Pricilla said...

They didn't tell her she couldn't sell her lemonade. She just couldn't sell it on the busy intersection.

I can rather see that. And if they did it for her then it opens up for all manner of sales things like it used to be in the city when you couldn't stop at a light without being hammered for a paper or a rose or heavens knows what else.

She was a bit of a traffic hazard there...

They said she could sell it in her front yard or in other locations.

And it has become a "complain if you a cute little kid and someone will give you what you want world."

I'll bet if some old man was selling the lemonade it would have been even worse...