Monday, August 3, 2009

How Does This Thing Work?

I got a new phone yesterday and I'm completely lost. I've finally figured out how to get online...sort of. Not quite figured out how to really navigate properly.

I wanted to test it out and write a blog post...I figured out how to type in the title, but when I click into the box portion it won't let me type. Maybe I needed to select the "edit HTML" section.

The phone I went with is the LG EnV Touch. It's pretty nifty but the whole touch thing is still pretty beyond me. And when hubby called me on it yesterday I couldn't figure out how to answer right away. Sheesh. I feel like my grandpa!

Any suggestions for navigating in these uncharted waters?

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leeann said...

I don't even have texting capability on mine so I'm useless. But I bet once I get a supergood phone, I'll be right there with you.... lost amongst the techno.
Speaking of, I watched some old movie recently and the guy says "Let's use my mobile phone." and hauls out this thing the size of a hardcover dictionary. I laughed until I thought I'd die.
What will our great-grandchildren think of our quaint devices, I wonder?