Monday, August 24, 2009

Capitalism Works!

As exhausted as I was this weekend, I was on a mission.

Orville Redenbacher used to make the yummiest White Cheddar popcorn but they stopped a year or two ago and I've been without ever since. But my coworker discovered a super yummy topping that you can shake onto your popcorn and it's white cheddar. Fabulous!

My goal this weekend was to FIND this piece of heavenly taste. I knew that Top Foods carried it, but I generally shop first at Walmart. Walmart carries two flavors, but not White Cheddar.

So off to Top Foods I go, hobbling and waddling in my own way (and being a busy body in the process) through this much more expensive store.

Price of the seasoning/topping at Walmart was $1.xx ... price at Top Foods ... $3.xx!!!!! SAME exact product (different flavor)!

But you know what? That is capitalism. I didn't find what I wanted in one store so I went to another store where they do have it. More expensive, yes. But that's their right as a private company and they obviously have clientele who are willing to pay for it.

If the government ran our grocery stores, I'd have ONE choice and ONE choice only and it would probably be for low fat, low salt, organic microwave popcorn with no seasoning or butter. And it would cost $10 for a 3 pack.

I'm glad I bought my 6 pack of popcorn at Walmart though. Same EXACT product...$3 vs $6 at Top Foods. Craziness I tell ya.

But God Bless America!

Oh...and one other observation from my errands. Walmart was PACKED on a Sunday afternoon. I waited a good 25 minutes in line (torture!). Top Foods was dead and there was no wait in line. I'm not saying one store is better than another (I like them both but shop at Wally World more often) but it was an interesting dichotomy.


pamibe said...

Ha! I love how you worked capitalism in there! ;)

As the old vendor used to say when asked when some exact items were priced differently: "Some people want to pay $5, some want to pay $10".

God bless America!!!! :D

CastoCreations said...

That's a great quote! :)