Friday, July 31, 2009

Would You Trust These People?

How anyone can possibly think that the government would do a good job at managing the health care system is beyond me. They can't even manage a fairly straight forward program like Cash for Clunkers...a program which I think is stupid, although it seems to be getting quite a few folks out there buying new cars.

I don't exactly like the idea of my tax dollars propping up car purchases for others, but whatever. That's not the point.

The point is that the program is running out of money!!! And that they changed the requirements after people had already started turning in their cars.

So...the government runs a program that changes the rules midway through and runs out of money leaving people high and dry.

Health care reform anyone? It's not like health care is a more complicated thing.


pamibe said...

I just heard that many or most of the dealerships' applications are being turned down by the government for the funds! Total joke!!!

Anonymous said...

sure - but the house just approved another $2B of our money to kill off the used car business.

Did you know that as part of the requirements - once a dealership takes in the clunkers - they are required to send them to the junkyard where they are required to be stripped and shredded? Before the used car leaves the lot the engine is to be completely disabled so that it can no longer be used - not even for scrap.

This will kill of the used car industry very quickly and create an artificial low supply of affordable used cars. Doing so will make the price of those used cars go up so high you may as well by a new car.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

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CastoCreations said...

I know Bobo...absolutely INSANE!!! There are low income folks (including my little brother and my mother in law) who would LOVE a chance at some of these so called "clunkers". SO frustrating.

You're right's just really hard to get conservatives to act on these things. We all have jobs. :)