Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Woes for Toyota

Heard on the radio this morning that Toyota is having even more with the Toyota Corolla. They also mentioned people having problems with sudden power steering jerks to the side.

This caught my attention immediately because my car (Toyota Rav4) has ALWAYS pulled to the left. I can be on a totally flat and straight stretch of road, regardless of speed, and it pulls to the left. Sometimes this is more obvious than others and I have to really adjust my steering to stay straight. But it's something that I've lived with because it didn't seem that abnormal to me and I think I'm just used to driving that way.

It's not like my accelerator sticking issue several years back.

The radio guy was talking about how the "fix" Toyota is coming up with for the accelerator/brake issue isn't really a fix. It doesn't solve the problem of the sticking accelerator, it just creates a new way to stop the car if it does stick. Kind of like a bandaid on a wound that requires stitches but won't kill you immediately.

My faith in Toyota as a safe car is definitely and perhaps permanently shaken. Which is really sad. Because I've always thought of them in very high esteem as a quality car company. My next car might just be a Ford. God bless capitalism that I have so many choices and can 'vote' with my pocket book.


self defense Rob said...

"a new way to stop the car if it does stick"?

Hopefully this doesn't include cutting holes in the floorboard so you can come to an abrupt "Fred Flintstone" stop with your feet.

CastoCreations said...

bwa ha ha ha ha ha That is hilarious.

No...I didn't understand it fully but it had something to do with the brake cutting the gas flow. I'm not sure of the technicalities but basically it would allow the car to 'shut down' and slow the car down. Not exactly a Fix to the problem though.