Friday, February 12, 2010

I'll Give You $1 if You Give Your Neighbor $100

That's pretty much the gist of the so called "jobs" bill The One is proposing.
"A company could save a maximum of $6,621 if it hired an unemployed worker after the bill is enacted and paid that worker at least $106,800 — the maximum amount of wages subject to Social Security taxes — by the end of the year. The company could get an additional $1,000 on its 2011 tax return if it kept the new worker for at least a full year."
Wow...really? So if I hire someone and pay them at least $106k+ I'll get a tax break of $6,621. What a deal! I'll take two!

It's such BS. I mean, sure, if I were already going to hire someone at that salary it'd be a bonus for me. But as far as enticing me to hire someone new, someone I hadn't planned on does jack.

"CBO estimates that such a tax break would generate only eight to 18 full-time jobs per $1 million in tax breaks."
Great. Some job "stimulus".

Once again, The One and his followers show their fundamental lack of comprehension. The private sector is the only path to recovery, not the government.


Jen said...

Here, here!

The government has messed enough up, let the private sector take over. There have to be a few non lemmings out there, right?

CastoCreations said...

LOL'd think. But I think they're all in Washington State right now. *sigh*