Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrate Valentine's Day, Even Now!

On President's Day, I went ahead and took Marshal to the baby sitters. I don't have ANY days off. Even on the weekends. At least until hubby starts a day shift again. He works on the weekends right now at night so he sleeps during the day.

I try not to complain but the lack of sleep makes it tough.

Anyway, so I took the day "off" so to speak. Took Marshal to daycare and went back to bed for a couple of hours. Got some studying in and then headed to the movies with my aunt, little cousins, mother in law, and sister in law.

We saw Valentine's Day and WE LOVED IT!!! All of us. From my 13 and 15 year old cousins to my 69 year old mother in law. We laughed throughout practically the entire thing. A lot of it was predictable (I'm sure I drove my MIL crazy saying what I thought was going to happen next) but toward the end there were two scenes that totally floored me. One made me tear up immediately and the other one kind of made me gag. :)

But it was an awesome movie. Totally fluffy, predictable, and pointless but sweet and endeering. And it has SO many all star actors and actresses. Julia Roberts was awesome in her small part. George Lopez was very funny and Ashton Kutcher (is that how you spell it?) did a good job.

But the actor who stole the show was the little boy who was in love with Jennifer whats her name (from Alias), his teacher. He was beyond precious and totally made the whole theater laugh. At one point in the movie the whole theater clapped.

I'm pretty sure the whole theater loved it.

I've been going to move movies since we had Marshal than we ever did before we had him. I guess it's our way to get out and away from the house. I've even gone enough to earn a free popcorn and free candy! Sheesh.

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