Friday, February 5, 2010

I Still Love My Toyota

Toyota is having a rough week. :)

And the government is piling on because they smell blood and are hoping that the injured Toyota will allow for Government Motors to move in and take advantage.

The thing is...even with all of their issues, Toyota is STILL a better company with a better product than GM or Chrysler. Just is.

I LOVE my Rav4. No, mine is not involved in the recall (it's a 2004) but it wouldn't surprise me if they expanded the recall to include it. On the other hand, I've already been through the sticky gas pedal situation and lived to tell the tale. If my accelerator stuck today I would know what to do and how to safely shut my car down without crashing or killing myself. Any GOOD driver should (even when I was a not so good driver, somehow I managed to survive the incident).

So let’s set the record straight about how a perfectly normal Toyota, or any other car, truck, or SUV, can accelerate wildly “out of control” with an even reasonably competent driver behind the wheel. Can’t happen. Period. End of story if the driver simply puts the gearshift in neutral (that “N” just above “D”) and safely steers over to the shoulder of the road. And if the engine races until you shut it off, so what? All you really care about is keeping you and your passengers safe.


And don't tell me that if GM were having brake or accelerator issues that the government would be making ridiculous statements like 'just don't drive them'. They would be praising GM for taking action and letting people know about the issue, reassuring the public (and stock holders) that everything was fine.

"...Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak, a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, wants to hold hearings about how Toyota has handled the recall. Let’s see, a Democrat from Michigan who represents a government that owns a good chunk of Toyota’s automotive rivals. What could go wrong?"

Maybe it's a good time to buy Toyota stock. I don't think the company is going under and I'm sure that they will recover from this (eventually) and continue to build good (non-union!) cars. Since the government helped the stock plunge yesterday it is basically on sale. :)

When I'm ready for a new car I will be looking at Toyota, but I admit that this incident has shaken my faith. So I'll probably also look at American company not sucking at the government tit.


pamibe said...

Every company has recalls... I just thought Toyota could have handled this accelerator/brake thing better... and faster.

Chrysler used to be a fantastic company. It pains me that it has gone the way it has... like I've said before, I'll just drive my old Jeep til the wheels fall off. ;)

Oh, and it should be mandatory that every driver should take a short course on how to stop a vehicle should the accelerator stick/brakes fail, etc... why isn't that included in driver's ed?

CastoCreations said...

My driver's ed included a part where they put a piece of paper in front of our faces to "simulate" (Carefully) the hood flying open! ROFL It was hilarious. And yes, it should be mandatory. I don't know what they teach nowadays.

Anna said...

Driver's Ed is all about the "what not to do" issues...drinking, texting, eating while driving. Here in Ohio until you are 17 you cannot have more than one other person (minor) in the car with you. They don't really go over the safety things other than the ones required by law.

As for cars...I love my Ford Focus. It's my second one (1st was a lease) and my husband is really happy with his Ford Escape. We just bought one of our girls a Chevy Cobalt and she loves that. Just one more car to get & we're done and chances are it'll probably be a Ford (or maybe another Cobalt).

SpeakDog said...
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SpeakDog said...

There's something really fishy about this whole Toyota thing... not to sound like a kook, but I'm pretty sure the folks in charge of "government motors" are helping to exploit the situation...

(deleted my first post to fix a glaring grammar error....)

Anonymous said...

I love my Toyota and will probably always have a Toyota. Or a flying car. But I bet Toyota will make those too.