Thursday, February 18, 2010

About Bloody Time

Let's have more of this! Fire their lazy asses! And take the power away from the union who only cares about sucking the public dry rather than encouraging actually teaching and education of children.
Teacher salaries at the high school average $72-78k. Apparently 50% of the students at the school are failing all of their classes, and the graduation rate is also under 50%. In an effort to turn the school around, the superintendent requested some changes be made whereby the school day would be slightly extended, teachers would perform some extra tutoring, etc.

The union balked and refused the terms, so now she is firing the entire teaching staff of the high school and replacing them. This is yet another example of unions digging their own graves by refusing to negotiate or accept reasonable terms. Sentiment is on the side of the superintendent, at least among the folks I have discussed the issue with.

My little cousin had Friday, Monday (a holiday), AND Tuesday off. Why?

She had no idea. Of course, she loved it. But there are two days that could have been used to, oh I don't know, TEACH children! It's not like the teachers were using it as a work day. I know several teachers who hate those lame days off that are supposedly for 'working' or continuing education...or even worse some stupid mandatory meeting that is a complete waste of time.

Yet one more reason I want to send my boy to private school. As much as I'd like to home school I just don't think I'd be very good at it. But maybe if I could find some other like minded parents we could do a sort of rotating school day...I might be able to handle that. One parent teaches history and english and another teaches math and science...etc. That would be cool and offer the kids a chance to socialize as well.

Some teachers deserve 70-80K a year. But most don't. I'd say that out of all of my high school teachers, over four years, maybe 5 of them deserved that kind of pay. They were great teachers who actually taught me things. The rest were just hanging on and punching the clock every day for a paycheck. They taught nothing.

Which is why hubby and I voted NO to the latest levy...of course, it still passed. So more money getting soaked out of our paychecks to fund a system that is pretty much broken.


Jen said...

That is unbelievable. What the teachers were making and what they refused to do to actually earn it. Kudos to the superintendent for sticking to her guns and doing what is not only right but logical.

They couldn't work 25 more minutes each day and have lunch occasionally with the kids?


CastoCreations said...

I know! Isn't it just unbelievable. It shouldn't even be a question. Their job is to teach. I hate unions.