Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Washington State Screwing Taxpayers - Again

Well, they've done it again. Gone and screwed over the taxpayers of this fine state. Bastards.

NO, not just bastards. RAT bastards.

I loathe these scum sucking, life draining weasels who are the elected officials of Washington State. The Democrats are in the majority and the Republicans are toothless and have no recourse to stop the out of control spending. This state has had a Democratic governor since before I can even remember - at least more than 20 years.

Who cares that the people of this state passed an Initiative to limit tax increases? Not prohibit tax increases mind you. Simply limit them so that it was hard enough to raise them so that they'd only be raised for necessary reasons.

Instead of cutting the outrageous and unneeded spending, the Democrat controlled legislature last night passed a suspension of Initiative 960. Well, almost. In their incompetence they only passed 90% of the bill, when they really wanted to screw us over 100%. So they're having another vote today.

""We'll be telling the people to shut up and pay up, and we know what's best," said Sen. Janea Holmquist, R-Moses Lake."

True. We're just the citizens of this state. Who cares what we think? Who cares that we are already struggling to pay our bills and keep our jobs? The queen needs money to pay her bribes promises.
"Another bill extends a freeze on pay raises for nonunion state workers. It was approved on a 33-15 vote and heads to Gregoire's desk."
Because gosh, it would just be wrong to freeze pay raises for UNION workers.

Photo shamelessly filched from The Liberty Zone.

What the hell is the point of having an Initiative process if the government just takes a crap on the will of the people the second they can?

I'm ready to move. Is there a state somewhere that doesn't screw over its citizens???

And in a related note...if they can't handle the money they already take from us what makes them think they can properly manage MORE of our hard earned dollars?


ILv2Shop said...

No matter what kind of day I am having, when I read your blog I smile. Lv your spunk!

CastoCreations said...

Hey you! I haven't heard from you in ever but you've been in my prayers. Hope everything is going well. And SO glad to know you're reading my blog. :)