Monday, May 4, 2009

What's the Problem?

Why is swine flu such a big deal? It's less deadly than regular flu, which according to my mom kills over 10,000 people a year (I think she said 30,000 but that could just be my imagination...anyway she knows of what she speaks as she is in the medical field as an RN for 30+ years).

I hate the media...I'm sure I've mentioned it before. They are taking this disease and causing an utter and total panic. Do they close schools when a kid gets the regular flu? Of course not! They'd have to close schools every year all the time.

Am I concerned for my own safety? Not really...perhaps slightly more than I would if I weren't pregnant but only because I don't want to lose my baby due to a stupid flu. If that's possible. I don't know.

But rather than freak out and wear a mask, which wouldn't help anyway, I WASH my flippin' hands and use that gross alcoholic sanitizer stuff.

I hope ya'll are not freaking out about this disease, which is just one of many that float out there to "get" us. If the media keeps crying wolf the public is going to be a lot less inclined to listen when a real and serious pandemic hits.


Sandee said...

I'm not freaking out one bit. I'm not staying home to avoid the flu. I'm doing business as usual.

Have a terrific day. :)

SpeakDog said...

The thing comes from Mexico. We all know it comes from Mexico. If it's REALLY as bad as they claim, they would close the border and stop all travel in and out of Mexico.

Since that hasn't been done, I'm not buying that we're all living out a scenario from "The Stand".

It's just something the administration and their media minions are floating to keep us distracted while they ruin the country.