Friday, May 22, 2009


I gained 7 pounds in the last month.

*sheepish grin*

But that just evens me out from the 9 pounds I lost in the first couple of months right? LOL

I know...I'm bad. I just love food and I hate veggies. Well, not all veggies but most of them. And I'm lazy when it comes to making dinner too. The rest of my meals are okay...but I still need to work harder to eat more veggies and fruits. So that's my homework. I CANNOT gain 7 pounds a month until October. That would be very bad.

The good news is that I think I found a daycare provider!!!!!!! I was driving home and saw that my neighbor put out a sign for enrollment in her daycare...I knew she had one but wasn't sure if she took infants. So I swung in to say hi and check it out and I LOVE it!

It's an in home daycare, just like the one I went to as a kid. And she can have 2 infants at a time, so we may have to start out just part time which is fine with me. And her price is cheaper than the 'institutional' type daycares around here. Even better.

What I like the best though is that she has kids who have been with her for 10+ years...basically since they were babies. Some are now in middle school. It was the same with me - I started at age 8 with my daycare and went there until I was 17. Yes. I know. 17. But by that time I was just checking in to let her know I was home and then I'd go home by myself. Single mom and a little paranoid. You know.

So it was a good and bad morning. :)

Is it too early for ice cream???

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pamibe said...

Hey, your body's just playing catch up! ;-)

Awesome news about the child care! A friend of mine in Texas did the same thing; she took care of three different children from birth to almost high school; they're like her own kids. After the last one left she got an office job. LOL!