Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Over It

Apparently college students are a little sad and mopey. They were raised to expect everything - they are wonderful and can do anything in the world. There's nothing stopping them. Their "self esteem" is through the roof.

Reality check.

Looks like only 20% of 2009 grads will land a paying job after graduation. And its affecting their precious self esteem.

Boo Hoo.

I had a job every step of the way through my college experience. At no point did I NOT have a job, except for two weeks between getting "let go" (okay, I got fired) and finding a new job. That's it. The rest of the time I worked. Full time. I paid my way...using a couple of small student loans, tuition reimbursement programs through my jobs, and my own hard earned cash.

I didn't have to go look for a job after I graduated because I already had one. And sure enough I'm still with the same company I was with when I graduated.

College is not the be all and end all of career advancement. It has been hyped up and pounded into our heads that you are a failure if you don't have a college degree. I cannot disagree strongly enough.

I love education. I've always loved school and learning new things. But going to college doesn't necessary equate to learning things that are useful in life. I could have taught myself most of what I was spoon fed in college. Only a few of my courses were actually interesting or useful. But I was programmed to get that degree. Now that I have it...I've done jack with it.

In fact I don't even know where the actual piece of paper is.

Hubby and I have already agreed that if our son doesn't want to go to college we won't try to force him. There are so many other alternatives out there, with paths to success just as available. Trade school. Military. Entrepreneurship. And we're not starting any sort of college savings account or "investing" in a 529. Nope. If he does want to go to college he can get a scholarship or a job and pay for it himself.

I do believe that people can be and do anything ... if they work hard enough. Getting things handed to you all your life does not help hinders. And I think some of these new college graduates are finding that out the hard way.

Thank goodness my little cousin had to work his ass off all through high school and college - he is well prepared for the real world and already has a job lined up for after he graduates. We need more kids like him.

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Da Old Man said...

Very true. I wonder what will happen to so many of the current school age generation when they have some difficult times.