Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

I'm going to Vegas.


I haven't been in several years...the last trip was for my little cousins 21st birthday so it must have been at least three years ago.

I am not a huge gambler, but I love Vegas. I enjoy the slots until I spend my allowance (I always go with a set amount of spending money and usually don't go over it). And I just enjoy chilling out in the room, reading a book...and this time I plan to hang out by the pool. If I don't roast. It's Vegas in June. It's going to be hot. :)

Of course, I'll be 24 weeks pregnant, but better to go earlier rather than later. The next time my mom could go would be in September and that's way too close to my due date.

We're staying in one of the newer, fancier hotels so the air quality will be way better than the older places my mom normally stays. She's going again in July and they're staying at Fitzgeralds, which is way too smokey for me. And yes, my mom goes to Vegas a lot. :) She jumped at the chance to go again in June with me.

I cannot wait to get away. It's only for two 1/2 days...we leave on a Saturday morning and are coming back on a Monday morning. But it'll be just the get away that I need. Short and sweet and relaxing.


pamibe said...

Woohoo! Vegas! Hope y'all have a great time! :D

Sandee said...

Good for you honey. A nice trip to Vegas is always a treat. Have fun planning and executing.

Have a terrific day. :)