Monday, November 17, 2008

What Recession?

Driving home from work on Friday night the Olive Garden parking lot was absolutely packed. I suppose if people are especially depressed they're looking for comfort food.

My mom went to the mall this weekend and said that it was much busier than she expected. I'm sure the sales are helping to get people in to shop. And it seems that the same is happening in other regions as well.

We had our annual craft show on Friday at work and I expected fewer sales than previous years. I lowered my goal for the day and did notice that there weren't quite the crowds as we've had in the past. Thankfully I did make my sales goal. Which means that I can buy more supplies and keep those economic wheels turning.

And as soon as I apply for my gun permit we'll be looking for my first gun ever and doing our part to make sure gun sellers have a great Christmas.

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