Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thumb and Wrist Now Hurt

I'm such a girl. I'm sure TND would have been rolling her eyes and shaking her head at me today. Especially when I got excited about the pink grips they had. hahahaha But I am super proud of myself.

For the first time EVER I shot a handgun. Woohoo!!!

I was surprised by how nervous I was. The semi-automatics just about made me wet myself - and that was just holding one, not even shooting it.

I didn't know how expensive it would be ... it cost us over $60! Hubby didn't shoot. And I think it cost extra because I needed to try out several different guns but we weren't sure which ones. So we got the deal to be able to switch out the guns as we went.

And hubby forgot to bring ammo so we had to buy that too. Sheesh.

So the first gun was a 38 Revolver. This was the very first time that I'd shot a hand gun. So I was pretty nervous. Hubby loaded it and shot it first and the sound and muzzle blast made me jump. In fact every time a gun went off I jumped until I got used to it. It's LOUD!

The first time I actually shot it myself made me jump too. The revolver grip is really small and after a little while my hand started to hurt.

Considering I'd never shot a hand gun (and I hadn't shot any gun for nearly 18 years!) I think my aim was pretty dang good. Of course, the first couple of shots we weren't really sure where they went. HA!

I shot about half the box of ammo and then we switched out to the 357!

Just the thought of it made me nervous but I was more calm about shooting. I was worried that the kick would be stronger wasn't.

I managed to hit the target more often than not. =)

Then we switched to the semi-automatic. This one totally made my stomach churn.

First of all, the ones that the guy had me try all felt weird. I had a really hard time pulling back the slide and realized that I'm a total wuss.

But I was able to handle the 9 mm HNK ... except that practically every time I shot it would jam. I asked hubby if I was doing something wrong but he thought the gun just needed oiling or something. Yeah...not so much. It was me.

Here is our target. Hubby shot all the head shots. I was super impressed. So was one of the other guys standing back watching. =) I was pretty proud of myself too though. Every shot I did make was a body shot.

So then we finished up and went back to the front desk. The guy said that it was jamming because I was pulling it up too much as I shot. So I suck.

But I had a fantastic time. I still am not sure which gun I want to get. I really liked the revolvers but I seemed to have more control with the semi auto. So I guess I'll need to practice more! =)


pamibe said...

That's awesome, congrats!!

I carried a Taurus .38 revolver for years before going to my Sig; they're easy to shoot, easy to clean. Guns usually don't lose their value, so if you want to go with one now and upgrade later it prolly wouldn't be a problem getting your money back out of the gun.

SpeakDog said...

My husband wanted to go shooting today, but we had to much to do to drive to the range. We live in f***ing Illinois, so to get anywhere that shooting is allowed, it is a huge hassle.

Maybe next weekend. I've never shot a gun before, and he is anxious to teach me...