Friday, November 28, 2008

Not a Space to be Seen

What happened to the supposedly horribly bad economic picture?

Driving around this morning to run my few errands I had to go Rite Aid which is by the Target. Holy parking situation batman! I have NEVER seen the lot so full. Every single space from the doors to the street was full. I did manage to get a space in front of Rite Aid but only because it wasn't super early. When I checked out the cashier (who was also the manager) told me that when she got to work at 5:30 a.m. she had to park in the fire lane!

Who are these people?!?!

I got up super early one year...I think around 4 a.m. to go to Mervyns. It was fun but I don't need to do it again. Some lady cut in front of me and elbowed me in the boob! What the hell!?!?!

So people stampeded at a Walmart and someone died!!!! Are there any gifts or deals in the world worth that!!?? I didn't even see anything in the Walmart ad that was worth getting up early for, let alone stampeding for.

Thankfully my errands were much more calm. I got wrapping paper (15 rolls!) for $0.77 each. Really cute paper too. I may stop by tomorrow and get a couple more. We need it at work for our two adopted families. I got a rice cooker for $6.50. And an electric can opener for $6.50. I was pretty happy about that.

Oh and I got Hot Wheels for $0.49 a piece, 64 count Crayola for $0.99, and little Webkinz (buy one get one free) for $6.99 (so basically $3.50 each). These will all go to the adopted families kids at work. They also had stockings on sale buy one get one free so I got 10 for the families.

After taking my Trooper Bear to an agility trial (to get used to the sounds before we actually trial) I headed home. My mother in law and sister in law and I went to lunch and then to the mall. I found a 500 thread count full sheet set, regularly $105 on clearance for $34 and then 40% off and then another 10% off using my Macy's card. How awesome is that!?! It's part of my brother's gift. Mom is getting him a new bed. Thank God. He sleeps on a mattress (with no box spring) on the floor. *sigh* Long story.

Even though I had a good time today I'm feeling incredibly depressed right now. Tears are on the verge at each moment. I'm exhausted and anxious.

But our Christmas tree is up! Lights and decorations up. So all is not lost. I'll take a picture and share soon. =)

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well the economy is pretty bad, but some aren't affected at all. The folks that push and shove should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't, but they should be.

I'm starting our decorations today. Hopefully we'll have them done by the end of the weekend.

Have a terrific rest of the weekend. :)