Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Weep for Our Future

Oh MY GAWD I want to smack these people upside the head!!! They are so frackin' ignorant. I think I knew more about the (then) current government when I was 16 than these morons.

And what the fuck is with the Palin hatred? The one girl rolling her eyes and saying that "it sounds like something Sarah Palin would say" when it was actually Obama who said there were 57 states!!?!?!! Give me a big fucking break.

But there's no media bias. None whatsoever. NPR and PBS? Totally non biased of course.

Hope Change!

(Thank you LibertyZone for posting this. Although it made me sick to my stomach.)


pamibe said...

What's with the Palin hatred? The mainstream media bore and nurtured that hate. They told lies, concocted stories, twisted things.... basically did everything in their power to get obama into the White House.

Hope they're happy in four years.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

They were scared of Palin. Pamibe said it quite nicely. The media created all of this.

We are a welfare country now. That's just the way I view dems. Programs, programs and programs. Those of us who work pay for those programs while the welfare people never learn to take care of themselves. They just have their hand out. These are the people that vote dems into office (for the most part).

Much of our economic crisis started with Carter and was expounded on with Clinton. We are suffering that low income disaster right now. All because they wanted the low income folks to have the American dream...a home...that they couldn't afford to pay for.

Have a great day. :)