Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Enjoying Myself

I have all kinds of things to write about but since I slept in until 11 today I am kind of behind. *grin* And I have a headache because I slept too late. ha! That'll teach me.

Hubby and I are on our way to help the economy by purchasing new flooring for our living room. We've saved up for it for at least a year. We'll be using our credit card but then paying it off immediately. I like the bonus rewards our cards give us.

And we'll be saving at least $800 on installation by having a buddy help us install it ourselves and giving him some cash. And feeding him of course.

It's going to look SO good I can hardly wait.

So we're on our way to order the flooring now and I want to walk the dogs and get a Papa Murphy's pizza on our way home. I love that stuff.

Two days until Thanksgiving...or as some are calling it a National Day of Mourning. *barf* I definitely have some thoughts on that.

Oh and I'm sorry I haven't visited my regular blog stops. I was knotting pearls all night last night and shopping all day. I'm having withdrawal from my favorites! =)

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