Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good for Him!

I'm glad someone is standing up to these ridiculous politically correct "training" classes.

I've been trying to avoid a similar training class at my work but I've caved. At first the class was "highly recommended" then it became mandatory. It's supposedly going to teach me how to be more respectful in the workplace.

Uh huh. Sure it is. As if a class is going to change my way of thinking. Or make me a more politically correct person.

I tried to explain to my boss that I think the class is insulting. He didn't get it. I think he thinks I'm just trying to be difficult. Perhaps. Except, as I explained to him, I've had these kinds of classes since I started working. And the same kind of philosophy crammed down my throat since I was in Kindergarten.

But considering the fact that I want to keep my job and the environment isn't exactly stable I am going to take the class. I may take my iPod but I'll take the class. It gives the company cover for lawsuits I suppose. But I still think it's stupid.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Very interesting indeed. I too was subjected to all the different politically correct stuff while I was still employed. That's why we are were we are today. It's gone way to far. I hope the professor doesn't get placed on unpaid leave. I see a suit happening if he is.

Have a great day. :)