Monday, December 7, 2009

Patience is the Key Word

I was quite surprised at how busy Target was on Sunday afternoon. It was busier than Black Friday when we were there. I found some great deals, including two big gifts I bought on behalf of my MIL and SIL for other family members.

My order was huge...and then I had more than $50 in coupons. :) Yes, I am totally OCD on coupons. Anyhoo...I'm in line and I noticed someone behind me with fewer items so I let them go first. No biggy. I knew I was going to take awhile.

So I get up for my turn and the cashier is super nice and she is ringing up my order...and I notice the lady behind me was a little ... shall we say impatient?

It was taking a awhile, I admit, but it's the Christmas season and every line was full and busy. I was nearly done, and the cashier was just finishing with ringing up my coupons so I could pay, and the lady got herself in a tizzy, took her items off the thingy (my mind is blanking on what you call the thing that moves the merchandise to the checker...sheesh) back into her cart and took off to another line. It was pretty funny to me and the lady behind her. She had waited all that time and it was only going to be another couple minutes at the most. Worked out great for the lady behind her who hardly had to wait at all.

Patience people! No one should go out this time of year and expect to get through checkout lines quickly. Or find a good parking space.

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