Monday, December 14, 2009

He's Apparently Grading on a Curve

Did you hear that The One gave himself and his presidency a B+ during an interview with the other O?

Wow...and he said it'd be an A- if health care reform was passed.


That's some pretty easy grading if you ask me. He hasn't accomplished one damn thing except empty "promises" and threats of complete economic takeover by the government. Oh, okay, well maybe if you consider the takeover of GM and other sectors of our economy as accomplishments then he's achieved something. Just not something good.

I'd give him a D...a D+ if I were feeling generous. (And apparently I'm not the only one...there's a poll on the article site and most folks are giving him an F.)

This guy has such an ego! It's incredible. It would be funny if he weren't in such a high position of power...the most "powerful" man in the world. It's frightening!


pamibe said...

He earns a solid F from me...

CastoCreations said...

I'm feeling generous today, obviously. :) LOL

SpeakDog said...

You forget. His goal is to destroy our economic system and undermine American supremacy in the world.

He's right on track for both of those things. He just needs "health care reform" to pass in order to finish off the economy.

B+ is about right, if you look at it from what he's really trying to do.

CastoCreations said...

*grin* You're right Jana...I'd say he's already at an A- in that case!

Lorimor said...

B+ as a Statist.