Thursday, December 24, 2009

Well, Merry F'in Christmas

That appears to be the message from Congress. We can all go F ourselves and our freedom to choose. I thought they promoted freedom of choice? And doing it sneakily in the wee hours in the Senate and on Christmas Eve in the house...bunch of filthy cowards. The Dems can try to blame this one on the GOP but they are on their own...looks like every single one of the Republicans voted no. Which didn't do a bit of good, but at least they stood their ground...for once. Maybe if they'd kept up with their so called beliefs in the first place the Dems wouldn't have such a majority. But that's history and we have to look to the future.

If this monstrosity of a plan interferes in any way with me making a career change I'm going to be seriously and absolutely pissed off. I want to stay home with my son and I *think* I've found a way to make that work and still earn a living...a good living if I want to work hard and an okay living if I want to just do it part time. But it involves the health insurance industry ... nice, right? It's not health insurance exactly, but it's along those lines and works with health insurance. It's a fantastic product that I've had for eight years and I'm sure most of you would recognize (though I'm not going to mention it specifically yet...I still have to go through my testing and training...and I'm still working at my old job).

Oh, and if my MIL loses ANY of her coverage with Medicare (or Medicaid...not sure which she is on) I am going to lose my shit. She has been so strong and fought so wonderfully against this monster of Leukemia...and her coverage has truly been a blessing for all of us. I hate government being involved in things, but she is one who actually needs the coverage. I guess if she gets hit again with any illness the government will say she's SOL...seeing as how she's almost 70. She's lived a good life. *insert outrage here*

Hubby has been asking if we can sue the government if we are "required" to purchase health insurance. I said no because we can't afford it...but can we afford not to. If someone is going to sue them we're sure going to support them though.