Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keep Your Laws Off My Body

Isn't that the refrain we heard and hear from the abortion rights advocates? Keep your laws off of my body?

Well, I'm going to adopt it in my stand against government run health care. Keep your laws off of my body!!!

Hubby and I attended our birthing class on Sunday...and while it totally freaked me out and grossed me out it did make me appreciate even more the health care system as it stands.

Yes, I have private insurance through my work. And God bless it.

I will have a private room in which to give birth and to recover. My baby will stay with me in the room (no nurseries). I get to decide how I want labor to go ... in terms of who is allowed in the room with me, if I take drugs or get an epi, etc. It is all about making the labor as easy as possible for me.

The delivery rooms all having soaking tubs, TVs, birthing balls (scary!), and $65,000 beds that move in all sorts of weird and funky ways to accommodate comfort and ease for delivery. Don't tell me the government would ever provide them.

I disagree with the premise of several of the questions posed in this particular dNeero survey...

I've never had to wait for insurance approval before getting treatment. That is the kind of thing that socialized medicine requires!

I don't agree that government can make the system more efficient...unless they pass laws that allow insurance to become transferable - not necessarily attached to a job or a particular state.

I do agree that there are a shortage of nurses. But the market can correct this through financial incentives for teachers and nurses.

And the hospice care question is just odd. The current bill in Congress has funding for end of life counseling...basically, a requirement that old folks have to meet with their doctor every 5 years (or thereabouts) to talk about their "options"...in other words...if it gets too expensive to take care of you we'd like to pull the plug.

I don't anticipate government ever wanting to approve hospice care for people. It costs money and if the patient is just going to die anyway, what's the point right?

I want the government as far away from my healthcare decisions as possible. These are the people who can't even be bothered to read the bills they are voting for! Nor are they medical experts. My health care should be between me and my doctor...not some burocrat on a medical board somewhere in DC.
If you prize choosing your own cardiologist or urologist under your company's Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO), if your employer rewards your non-smoking, healthy lifestyle with reduced premiums, if you love the bargain Health Savings Account (HSA) that insures you just for the essentials, or if you simply take comfort in the freedom to spend your own money for a policy that covers the newest drugs and diagnostic tests -- you may be shocked to learn that you could lose all of those good things under the rules proposed in the two bills that herald a health-care revolution.

... the Obama platform would mandate extremely full, expensive, and highly subsidized coverage -- including a lot of benefits people would never pay for with their own money -- but deliver it through a highly restrictive, HMO-style plan that will determine what care and tests you can and can't have.
What happened to my right to choose being all constitutionally protected and stuff? Where are the feminists now? Filthy hypocrites.

Sign this petition to tell the government to back off!


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