Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phone Upgrade

I think I want to upgrade my cell phone. I really like the idea of accessing the internet from my phone where ever I if I need to be online more than I already am. But I've noticed lately how convenient it would be...I keep thinking of things to look up when I'm out and about.

The problem is me being cheap. I already hate paying as much as we do for two cell phones (plus our home phone). And I know it's more expensive to have a plan that accesses the internet. Although I do get a company discount from my work, which is really nice.

The other problem is that I want to make sure the phone I get is going to last more than two years and that I'll like it. My coworker has an Envy? I think. It's okay but it doesn't flip up with a keyboard and I think I want that. I think. I'm not entirely sure.

We have Verizon so that gives me a set of phones to choose from. Anyone have any suggestions???


SpeakDog said...

Stu has an iPhone that his company provides for him. It can do all this fancy stuff, but quite frankly? It's the worst *phone* he's ever had. His calls get dropped constantly, sometimes because an e-mail is coming in and sometimes just because it's so static-y you can't hear anything he's saying...

Hope that helps a little.

CastoCreations said...

It does, definitely. I don't want an iPhone. I'd have to switch providers and that is something I'm not interested in doing. I like Verizon, flaws and all. =)

pamibe said...

We have Verizon as well and no, the extras are not cheap. Hubby got a Blackberry about a year ago and it's costing us something like $50 more a month. Of course, you don't have to have the GPS option, or texting or... ugh.

I hate that thing.