Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remind me again - the Definition of Insanity?

This whole health care debate is frustrating and mind numbing. Having experienced my fair share of health issues in the last few months I can definitely appreciate how being without insurance could be devestating.

However, each time I've gone to the various doctors the more I appreciate my PRIVATE insurance. Because I doubt that any public insurance would be taking such good care of me (and really it's not the insurance taking care of's my doctors...semantics).

Private insurance isn't perfect - my deductibles for prescriptions are certainly adding up (especially since the docs can't seem to determine the exact right thing for me to take...experimenting is expensive!). And I know that if I didn't have a job then I'd be stuck - either on hubby's insurance (which would be fine) or on state provided care (shudder).

Look at what happened in Tennessee! THIS is what Obama wants for the country! It is pure insanity. Is it not logical that if someone provides something for "free" that it will be overused?

And why do we want the government more involved in healthcare? Because they do such a good job managing other aspects of life? DMV. Post Office. Medicare/Medicaid. Social Security. We seriously want these people in charge of everyone's healthcare? NO thank you! I'll take my chances with private healthcare, thank you very little.

I'd be all for rule changes making healthcare portable...why can't it be more like car insurance? It's required but I'm not reliant on my job to provide it...I have the choice and can pick from any number of private insurers.

Health care is NOT a right.

I have NO right to demand free care from my doctors. I have NO right to demand free prescriptions. Just as I have NO right to demand free services from anyone else who sells their services. People work hard to become doctors, pharmacists, researchers. Why do I have a right to their services at no charge?

The system we have is not perfect and there are many changes that I would love to see. But it's a hell of a lot better than what The One is proposing (not that he even knows what is being proposed...doesn't that scare anyone?!?).

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Anonymous said...

It scares the crap out of me too...