Thursday, July 30, 2009

So It's Not Healthier?

My $4/half gallon organic milk is apparently no healthier than regular milk. But you know what? It sure does TASTE better than regular milk. I cannot drink non-organic milk anymore. We used to buy the regular stuff at Costco but it tastes bitter to me now.

And I'm sorry but the regular Fuji apples at the grocery store are tasteless and disgusting. I can't eat them. So I haul my butt down to the farmer's market nearly every weekend to buy my farm grown fresh apples (usually I pick the organic ones). So maybe I don't have to get the organic ones but the price isn't that much different.

I'm not really a granola crunching hippie, but I do like the idea that some of my foods aren't completely stuffed with chemicals. Then again, I love processed foods. I figured if I balanced those processed foods out with some organics then I am doing okay. Perhaps not.

Maybe it's just psychological and I THINK that the organic veggies/fruits/milk taste better. I eat so few veggies/fruits ... it's not costing me that much more to purchase organic. But more than buying organic, I like buying local. That's the key to me. I love the Farmer's market, even if I am the only one with no reusable shopping bag and no O sticker on my car. =)

And I will never take things THIS far. Good grief. These people need to get a life.

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pamibe said...

Huh. Imagine that. I do the same thing, when I can make the haul to Whole Foods. But apples taste the same to me, organic or not.

I've never tried organic milk but now of course I'll have to... ;)