Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Not So Bad

It's been quite a stressful least the first half. Hubby didn't get to bed until 5:30 a.m. and I had to wake him up at 9:15. :( Poor guy. I got up early so I could make his coffee and take care of the doggies. I also packed a few snacks, which we of course didn't eat (why do I bother taking snacks anywhere? We never eat them.).

Hubby slept while I drove the truck to Seattle. *gulp* That is stressful enough for me...but to have to PARK in Seattle. Actually parking the truck anywhere, even our driveway sometimes, makes me nervous. But I managed to find a halfway decent space. Then we had to had to find our way through the parking maze into the actual hospital area. That place is huge.

Thankfully we were on the main floor so it didn't take too long once we asked directions.

A few forms and a bathroom trip and we were being called in. There was no wait (in fact, I was in the potty room when they called my name so I made them wait!).

The ultrasound lady was awesome. Totally friendly and explained everything...and she didn't seem too concerned when we explained what my doc has sent us up for.

It's a teaching hospital so I had another doctor come in to review my file and do some more ultrasound surfing. She's a fellow (already a doctor though) working toward some sort of specialty in high risk OB. boy was extremely antsy and moved around a lot, which made it a bit harder for them. But they also said that it was a good sign, as I figured it was, that he moves a lot.

An hour later we headed out to find the cafe for lunch. I already told hubby that I was going to eat whatever the heck I wanted. I didn't have a soda - though I was tempted and if they'd had Dr Pepper I may have caved. I did have a plate of the most awesome French Fries evAR, along with chicken strips, and for dessert a piece of cheese cake. OMG...mouth watering. So good. I'm sure it was technically horrible cheesecake, but it tasted amazing to me.

And surprisingly, though I expected it to be over 200, my blood glucose was just a bit higher than it is supposed to be.

Lunch being over we headed back to wait in the waiting room for my next appointment ... no wait for that one either. They are speedy there.

The doctor came in and was absolutely unconcerned about the chorioangioma. It is actually smaller than my regular doctor's only 2.5 cm. And it's on the opposite side of where the baby is...the concern is when the angioma is on the same side as the baby and the chord, where it can cause major complications.

They did find another growth (I can't remember what she called it...I think it started with an f) but it's on the outside of the whole uterus and isn't super big, though it could grow.

On the whole, we were pretty relieved after talking to the doctor. She was more concerned about the gestational diabetes. The baby IS too big for his age and if he keeps growing at the same rate he'll be a very very very big baby (9-10 pounds).

It doesn't seem to matter what I eat in the morning, or before bed, my fasting glucose and my after breakfast glucose is consistently too high. So it's not the's the baby. And since it'll only get worse the further on I get they're going to try to fix it now. I'll start on some sort of med (not insulin) on Wednesday in the morning but I probably will have to start insulin.

Apparently if I'm on insulin, I can be a little more flexible with my food...which is good because my cravings have certainly kicked in. =)

I'll probably be offline the next week or so. Work is going to be INSANE and I'm only going to be in the office for two days. I have jewelry classes Thursday through Sunday, every day all day. I'm excited but it's not the most convenient time. Oh well...hopefully I'll learn some new useful jewelry skills. =)

Thank you everyone who offered prayers and thoughts. We still need them but at least this horrible scary part is over.


Sandee said...

Wow, I've been gone a very long time and lots of stuff has been happening with you. Sounds like you needn't worry so much. Great news from the doctor.

Have a terrific day. :)

ILv2Shop said...

Phew!! That's awesome. I'll continue to pray for you though.
Glad to hear about your mil too. Thank's God. :-)

pamibe said...

Oh, good news! Well, as good as it can get, under the circs! Hope you and your big boy continue to do well.. :D

CastoCreations said...

Thank you ladies! =) It certainly has been a stressful couple of weeks.

haleyhughes said...

There's always so much to worry about when you're having a baby, and you've been saddled with a couple of biggies. Hang in there. In a few months you'll have your body back (that's what everyone keeps telling me).

The f-word growth on the outside of the uterus was probably a fibroid. Very common and benign, from what I understand.