Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Head Is Going to Explode

I have SOOOO much stuff that I want to write here but my mind needs to be focused on studying. My exam for my Insurance license has been scheduled for this Friday.


I am absolutely terrified. And the odds of me getting any studying time this week are nil. Hubby is working nights during the week now (which is good because we'll get weekends together again, but bad because it's just me and the boy during the week) and the boy doesn't encourage focusing on anything other than him at night.

So, if posting seemed light the last few days...it will be even more so this week. Even though I have several posts started (there's just so much going on out there) I must restrain myself and focus like a laser beam (as my favorite Talk Show host says) on cramming as much information into my head as I possibly can.

Wish me luck!!!


pamibe said...

Good luck!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Good Luck! I'm sending really smart thoughts your way.

You might not want them on second thought.