Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Would you trust these people with your health insurance?

Photo stolen borrowed from Big Government. =)

I sure as hell don't. Nor do I trust them (or any other government...dem or rep) with my personal information. They already have more of it than I prefer.

We got our census form the other day and let's just say that I feel I met the minimum requirements as provided for in the constitution. The government now knows that we have three people in our house, the year each was born, and whether we are boys or girls. That's all they need. They don't need our phone number. They certainly don't need to know what "race" we are (I did answer...but I put down 'other' American).

My friend Marie said that technically I should have put "Human" as race because it is the only true 'race' ... all our definitions of race are actually ethnicity. But I think American works for my purposes.

We'll see if we get a government worker knocking on our door one day or if we get fined. I think this is one instance where I'd be tempted to fight it in court. The census purpose is to count the number of people...that's it.

Because, after all, what could go wrong with the government having our ethnicity or other information???

We're from the government and we're here to help.

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pamibe said...

I did the same; marked 'other' and wrote in American.

They don't need anything else.