Monday, March 8, 2010

Halfway There...and Guns Are Scary

Well, I passed one of my exams (the Life one). I bombed the Disability exam though. *sigh* So I rescheduled and will take it again tomorrow night. I wish I could take some more time to study but I'll just study during lunch and after work tonight. Hopefully that'll get me there.

On another note...a conversation at work today has me a bit peeved. I know the views of a couple of my coworkers on the "gun" issue but it still infuriates me that they are such wimps. The sight of a gun makes them want to pee their pants apparently.

I was talking about how this state is an open carry state and I'd be glad to see people displaying their firearms. "What's the point?" was the response. And I said, the point is that it is our right to do it. Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon.

One coworker said she was glad that our company didn't allow guns on campus ... to which I of course responded that it's a shooting gallery for someone who does not care what the rules are. Just like the teacher who was shot last week on a GUN FREE campus. could some one get shot on a GUN FREE campus? That makes just no sense.

Except that the bad guys do not care one bit what some rule says about carrying a gun. It just makes it that much easier to take out their targets...since their targets can't fight back. If she'd been allowed to carry a gun she might still be alive today.

My goal this year is to get my concealed carry permit and buy my very first gun...I'd really like a pink one, but I'll take function over fashion. =) I will want a pretty holster though.

Because when I start selling Aflac (so close...) and going to locations that I'm unfamiliar with (or even where I am familiar) I want to be able to protect myself.

Because when you need the police in seconds they are mere minutes away. I am the only one who can be responsible for my own safety when my husband isn't with me (he even carries to church!).

I know I won't change their minds. I know that my one coworker would never let her kids come over to our house because we have guns. Whatever. They're probably safer at our house than at their own home. If a criminal is intent on doing harm, they'll be a lot more successful at her home where she'll call the police and then wait while the bad guys do their worst. At my home, the police will get clean up the body of anyone who tries to do me or my family harm.

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Vox said...

Just got my first carry gun and I am so glad to have it.
I looked at many, even toyed with the idea of the pink LCP - cause it's pink, but the Taurus seemed to best fit all the criteria.

I am used to having a gun *near* me at all times, it is taking some getting used to having a gun *on* me at all times. Still looking for the perfect holster.

BTW: My BF called at lunch today to tell me how glad he is I now carry. He went to one of our favorite lunch places to find it surrounded by cops, a woman got mugged in the parking lot. On a busy street corner. In broad daylight. At noon.

At least the police got there in time to take her statement *eyeroll*