Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Will Not Sue

Today is a hilarious day. I come in to work and find out that a pipe burst in the floor above us and our entire network for our floor is destroyed. I can't help but laugh.

So I've squatted in someone else's cube on a different floor (above the water damage line) and it's really strange and totally throwing me off my schedule. The "Business Continuity" emergency backup plans did not kick in as they should have and our entire department is pretty much scattered, but happily most folks are doing pretty well in dealing. I am not.
I hate anything that throws my routine off. I may just take the afternoon off to study since I have the second attempt at my exam tonight.

Anyway...on my way to work this morning the radio host was talking about people suing Toyota because the resale value of their car has taken such a hit.

Are these people insane?!?!?!

A car is not an "investment" and there has never been any guarantee of "return" for reselling. No one said you were guaranteed to get a certain price. Sure the assumption is that Toyotas have a higher resale value, but that is not a definite.

I didn't buy my car so I could 'resell' it someday with an expectation of higher values. Why would I SUE just because the value might be perceived as lower???

People have issues. And greed is just one of them.

I am not going to sue...unless my car goes out of control. Then I might get worked up. But for now I will enjoy my Toyota Rav4...cracked windshield and all.


pamibe said...

YES, they are insane. I can't believe you needed to ask...


CastoCreations said...

hahahaha More of a rhetorical question I guess. :)