Friday, November 6, 2009

Nothing to See Here - Move Along

I as shocked when I heard about the shooting in Texas yesterday. And I immediately thought it was a terrorist event...before I even heard the A**holes name and the witness reports of him shouting Allah Akbar.

Stories are coming out that people raised concerns about this guy and his jihadist beliefs. But political correctness and diversity training won out and got 13 people killed by this nut.

The libs are already rallying around the diversity meme. It was just a freakish tragedy and had nothing to do with Islamic beliefs. Nope. Nothing to see here...move along. All praise diversity. No one's beliefs are any better than another. Everyone is equal and should be taken seriously (I was taught this in middle school and it never made sense to can a cannibal's beliefs be just as equal as mine? ... at least that was my thought.)

Murderous ideology? Well, that's their belief and it needs to be respected.

I call BS. Radical jihadists should be shot in the head.

And no, I'm not saying all Muslims... I'm saying those radical Islamists who are no better than the Nazis in their hatred and blood lust. And it sounds like this gunman held sympathetic views toward suicide bombers and wanting a caliphate.

How could the military even allow this guy to remain in uniform?

Political correctness kills.

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