Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bullies Don't Scare Me

Washington State is super liberal (at least on the Western side of the state) and I'm used to it, having lived here my entire life. I was raised to believe that liberals were supposed to be the tolerant ones ... the ones who wanted open communication, discussions, and everyone's views to be heard - and every vote to be counted.

But that clearly is only the case if they agree with your cause and I've seen it first hand in my own family as my own views turned more and more to the right in the last decade.

There is a referendum process in Washington State and anyone can petition to have a law voted on if they go through the proper steps and get the right amount of signatures (not really sure the exact specifics on how referendums vs initiatives work here).

One of those referendums is R-71...they're calling it the "Protect Marriage in Washington" referendum. The opponents were fighting it even getting on the ballot - through the courts of course - trying to say that there were illigitimate signatures.

Yes, I SIGNED the petition at Walmart one day (kind of a funny store on its own...but that's not the point here)!!! I hope my signature was validated. Since the court said that yes, the referendum qualifies, the liberal bullies who hate anyone who disagree with them are now trying a new tactic - threatening to post all the names of anyone who signed in support of the ref.

A political group called WhoSigned.Org has said it will publish online the names of people who signed petitions to get the referendum on the ballot. The petition-listing effort is not supported by the official campaign that had tried to keep R-71 off the ballot.

A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order to bar the release of signatures on R-71 petitions, and a hearing on that case will be held in Tacoma on Thursday.

I say ... a big ol' F&CK YOU! (And I hate the F word...but it fits here.) That just makes my support for the referendum stronger. I will not be bullied with scare tactics. I don't care who knows that I signed it...go ahead and release my name. I don't believe gay "marriage" is something that should be accepted in society.

I don't care if people want to have domestic partnerships...doesn't bother me. But don't try to call two women in a relationship a marriage. It is NOT. Words matter. Definitions matter. Marriage is one man and one woman. I don't consider polygamists marriages legitimate either. ONE man and ONE woman.

I harbor no ill feelings toward Gay/Lesbian friends and family (and coworkers) fact one of my hubby's coworkers is the most awesome lady - as is her partner - who came to my baby shower (she was his boss at one point but she's been promoted and moved out of the area, which we are sad about). But I don't support them getting "married." And it has very very little to do with my religious beliefs.

Our Senator is a complete moron...

State Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, who has spearheaded domestic partnership efforts in the state, called it a "tragic day for the state, where we will put the rights of a group of our citizens up for a vote."

Yes, what a tragedy that the CITIZENS of the state are allowed to VOTE on an issue. Heaven forbid we live in any sort of democracy (I know...we're a republic...whatever) where the government does what the PEOPLE want. She's such a moron.

And if it doesn't pass...okay. I won't bitch and moan or sue anyone (unless there was clear and obvious fraud...which, in this state, isn't beyond the realm of possibilities). I'll be disappointed. But life will go on.

As for the attempted strong arm tactics of the left - screw them. I hope it backfires and makes people see them for the bullies and truly intolerant asshats that they are.


Lorimor said...

Couldn't agree more with you. Don't let 'em bully you!

jlbussey said...

This sounds like a 'card-check' sort of thing; public shaming to try and intimidate people to conform to what a small vocal group of modern day Puritans have decided is correct. (Do they have any scarlet letters to hand out?)

I don't have any objection to gay marriage, but I still would have signed the petition. It's just to get it on the ballot, so lets vote on it and let the chips fall where they may. It's a democratic republic, that's how things are supposed to work.

Mommy Koz said...

This sounds a lot like what happened in California last election in an attempt to terrorize people who were voting on the "gay marriage" bill. They did publish the names, and addresses, of those petitioners who signed in favor of the bill that made marriage between a man and woman only. Thugs.